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Opis sie jest jeszcze dostępny w "polski" ale możesz go zobaczyć w "angielski".

Spain, this old colonial power strongly marked by historical heritage of the various conquests and fights of domination of which it made object, wants to be with the image of this cultural filiation polycolore. Of these pictorial splendours, these majestic architectural vestiges, the varied magnificence of its landscapes, the particularism of its savours or the national cosmopolitanism of these regional varieties, very of this part of the Iberian peninsula is ode to the voyage and the delight. Destination preferred for the leniency of its climate, the country of Cervantès is one of the countries most visited in the world. And due many its attractions will have of cease to allure us. So for much it is first of all bullfighting and paella, Spain appears in fact a paradisiacal place of reception for any foreigner in search of expatriation, entertainment or contemplation. Rich person of its geographical location, it offers to us a pallet of a rare beauty: grounds rising with the liking of the valleys and mountains, limited of a sometimes turquoise, sometimes gray sea overhung by titanic, and populated cliffs granite dwellings and slate.

Spain counts seventeen autonomous communities which are the reflection even of its picturesque diversity: Arab influences of Andalusia, Roman heritage of Cordoue, or of the Celtic prints of Galicia. In these impressed historic places, far from the resorts bordering the famous beaches of Costa Brava and of Costa del Sol, it is possible to discover through Spanish ground peregrinations of true architectural splendours: the cathedral of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, the mosque of Cordoue, the old city of Segovia strongly marked by the Middle Ages, or the splendid Palais Royal of Madrid. As many revealing beauties of a cultural heritage of exception which was the place of conquest of the most quarrelsome spirits. One finds there thus enormously churches, mosques and synagogues. The structure, it also marked by these various periods, proves to be Romance as well, Gothic as baroque. Fatherland of many painters, it shelters in his centre a great number of museums dedicated in particular to Velazquez, Gréco, Picasso or Miro.

And not far from these deafening and plugging beauties, is discovered with our directions the emulation of Spain like region of most festive and night owl. Indeed, known for its fiestas, it incarnates in its entirety the direction of the festival and user-friendliness. The whole decorated by a typical kitchen with the scents and tinted Mediterranean savours of sun and humant garlic and olive oil. One can thus taste delicious gaspachos, true paëllas and the famous ones typed. In a word it seems that nothing can harm the Spanish sun, and that Spain remains the subtle and ideal mixture discoveries and pleasures.

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